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Ethan James Domingos
Born 4-24-15
Age: 5 years

Mother is Jennifer Domingos, her boyfriend is Chris Mixon

Father was Jamie Finley – deceased

Ethan was diagnosed with stage 3 Rhabdomyosarcoma (tumor on his brain).

Ethan started chemo on 11-3-20. His father was in and out of jail. He was murdered in prison when Ethan was 2 years old. Ethan’s mother had just started a new job in retail when the pandemic happened. She lost her job and soon after lost her place of living. She then moved into her boyfriend’s mother’s house. There is a small building in backyard that has full bathroom in it. This is currently where Ethan and his mother and her boyfriend live. Chris is the sole provider for them. Chris just recently bought her a car for $3,000 so she could get to doctor appt’s and hospital as her car was not running.

Ethan is now set up with Medicaid and will be receiving SSI soon from the state.

He has 2 siblings from his father that live up north. He has 2 siblings down here from his mother, Bella and Michael.

Ethan is currently in his 3rd week of chemo in a 3 round treatment plan. He goes every Monday for it. They’re in need of gas money and money to be able to secure a place to live. Chris makes good money and can make a rent payment just need the deposit, first & last. Ethan’s Amount Misty did a Go-Fund me that raised $1,650 I will explain more in detail in the meeting.