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Age: 7 years

Meet Jace from Auburndale our 2020 CARS kid. Jace was born with Cerebral Palsy and has delayed learning, is Autistic and sensory sensitivity.

His doctors told his parents, he would never walk or speak. Well, this little guy is a fighter and would prove them wrong. Jace is beating all the odds with walking on his own today and even has some favorite words he says.His family has worked very hard to help him along his journey of learning to walk and talk. With more therapy, they believe Jace will continue to improve physically and emotionally. They are currently teaching him sign language. His favorite thing to do now is drive his battery-operated race car!

Everyone here at CARS welcomes Jace to our family. We will be raising money all year to help him and his family as they face his journey. We ask that you all keep them in your prayers and hope to see you at one of our many fundraisers we will have this year!

Welcome Jace!