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Age: 11 years
Meet Michael from Lake Wales our 2019 CARS kid. Michael was hit by a car while crossing a street in the Fall of 2017. Before the accident, Michael was a very active boy with a unique style. It wasn’t uncommon to see him in a tie supporting his latest choice of hair color. When he was hit his body suffered numerous broken bones, which have since healed. The injuries to his brain unfortunately are ongoing. He currently does not speak, has a feeding tube and cannot sit up or voluntarily move his arms and legs. After a year of therapy, he is now moving his head and his unique personality is starting to show.

Everyone here at CARS welcomes Michael to our family. We will be raising money all year to help him and his family as they face this new journey. We ask that you all keep them in your prayers and hope to see you at one of out many fundraisers we will have this year!

Thank You Message

There are truly no words that can tell you just how much your love and care for our CARS Kids mean. This 2019 year was a wonderful year as we helped Michael and a few other children. Everyone on the board says Thank You but our very own Michael wanted to say a huge THANK YOU. He painted this just for you!