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Meet our 7 year old fighting champ Zachary. Zachary was always a very healthy young boy. Early December, he had gotten sick. He was told he had Endocarditis – rare inflammation of the lining of the heart chamber. It got worse, he turned jaundice and the one side if his face was drooping. He was taken to the hospital, the vegetation that was set up in his heart dislodged and went to his brain. Dec 7th, he had a stroke and had to have open heart surgery to make sure to remove the rest of the vegetation so he would not have anymore strokes.

He is now walking and talking (slow speech) but will need a lot of therapies in the future. His mother thanks the Lord for holding her hand through all this. Zachary knows the good Lord was with him when this happened. He is back at school and ready to tell everyone his story of victory over death.

Welcome Zachary!